VSR STS1 - Turbo balancing machine


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  • Weight of the turbine cartridge up to 9 kg.
  • Maximum speed from 0 to 250,000 rpm.
  • Installation of the turbine cartridge takes place on
    the factory mounting surface.
  • Oil supply to the turbine cartridge at operating
    pressure (mechanical adjustment possible from 1 to 4
    bars), machine operating temperature 40- 65 degrees.
  • The set consists of 23 adapters for the most
    popular turbines (optional adapters on request).



  • Measurement of operational
    parameters in real time.
  • Measurement time up to 2 seconds.
  • Displays imbalance, speed and imbalance
    phase, which helps to see in detail the imbalance
    at any speed.
  • The database can be replenished



  • The design of the machine is simple and there is a
    free approach to all components.
  • Easy to disassemble for transportation,
    maintenance (oil filter and oil replacement) does
    not require special technical skills.
  • A minimum of automation in the stand means a
    longevity of working units and no additional costs
    for maintenance, verification or calibration.



  • The STS1 balancing stand is the most functional
    among high-quality European analogues.
  • It is possible to check the leak of oil, what is not
    present in many other similar machines.
  • Checked in the own turbo repair service.
    We do not only sell machines, but also repair turbochargers in Europe for 9 years and in Russia for more than 16
    years. We use our equipment every day.
Design features of the machine
  • The cartridge of the turbine is mounted on the factory mounting planes of the oil drain, the oil is supplied to the slide bearings at the working pressure and temperature through the factory channels.
  • Our design allows to connect all types and all manufacturers cartridges to the machine with the adapters supplied with the machine.
  • Adapters for turbo (chra) with lower oil connections, such as the T5
    VW TOUAREG 2.5 TDI, TOYOTA 2.0 D are included as standard set.
  • Separately adjusted oil station for 10 litres of oil does not require frequent topping up of oil.
  • A 3-stage oil filtration system eliminates all dirt particles. The imbalance of the turbine cartridge is eliminated directly on the machine by means of a microgrinder whose rotation is 52,000 rpm. This
    procedure does not require moving the turbine cartridge from the machine.
  • Oil heating up to 65 °C, which allows using inexpensive semi-synthetic oils.
  • The design of the adapters is very simple and communicative, each adapter can be modified and made as multifunctional, which makes it possible to install several different cartridges with different shaft wheel sizes for 1 position.
  • All industrial electrical equipment is installed in a separate compartment.
Special balancing system PAK- STS1

The digital system is simple and reliable, the screen is fully touch-sensitive - You can work manually or with a stylus. The imbalance of the turbo cartridge is measured in real time, which completely protects against the destruction of the poorly assembled turbine. Our balancing machine detects vibration of the turbine cartridge - from 0.2G to 10G. We operate in a mode from 1G to 100000 rpm and more than 100,000 rpm - at 1.5 G of measurement error. Working in such modes Your results will always be on top and the quality of the executed works will be appreciated by Your customers.

  • Graphical display of speed, imbalance and phase.
  • For easier work, You can simultaneously display all
    the parameters on one graph.
  • For ease of operation, the imbalance position is displayed on the hourly chart.
  • It is possible to print the results of balancing the cartridge with the date, time and customer requisites on
    the sheet.
  • System can work on 2 languages Russian and English.
Maximum weight of balancing cartridge, kg 9
Maximum diameter of the compressor wheel, mm 80
Maximum achievable rotor speed, rpm  250 000
Required pressure in the pneumatic system, MPa 0,5 - 1,0
The minimum volume of the receiver, m 3     0,5
Overall dimensions of the machine (length x width x height), mm 780 х 1120 х 1274
Machine weight, kg (approximate)    285
Network settings   220V - or 380V ± 10%, 3 Ph, 50Hz ± 1
Power consumption, not less, kW   1,5
Balancing system of machine   Special measuring system  PAK-STS1
Requirements for the foundation The machine is installed on an
ordinary hard floor in a shop
with a rubber 
Operating conditions of the machine according to GOST 15150-69   4.1(Temperate and cold climate)
The machine for balancing turbo cartridges in the installation of modes STS1 with PAK-STS1 1pcs.
Oil heating station for 10litres of oil. 1pcs.
A set of adapters for the installation of 23 types of turbo models,including adaptors with lower oilsupply 1set.
Technical manual, flash drive with recovery system,technical data sheet  1pcs.
The shape of machine,color and configuration can be changed at the request of the castomer  

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