About us

Our team has been working successfully in the field of repair and sale of turbines on the territory of Lithuania for 9 years, and in Russia – for more than 15 years. Over the years, there have been many solutions related to the repair of turbines; thousands of different types of turbines of different manufacturers have been repaired. We have used all types of equipment that exists today; we know good and bad sides of each of them.Such knowledge, many years of experience as well asassistanceof our foreign colleagues working in the field of physics, mathematics, and science for decades helped us to create a balancing machine-tool for turbines VSR-STS1, which:

1. Easy in use, which speeds up the process of balancing the cartridge;
2. Low-cost and simple operation;
3. Works faster than some of the most expensive machines;
4. It is compact, and can easily access all units;
5. Precise balancing, enabling to be at your best near such machines as the Schenck, Turbotechnics and Cimat: you will be able to see this yourself;
6. Minimum automation, which means longevity and continuity of operation of the machine;
7. The most important – competitiveness and adequate price.

Component parts of the machine are from the best factories of the world located in Europe, the CIS and Asia, final assembly is performed in Europe!

We confidently state that we have developed the balancing machinefor turbines, which both you and we need.
If you are interested in balancing machine for turbines and you want to open a new business, or you already work successfully and want to open a branch, contact us and our technical director will answer all your questions. We apply a flexible policy of work and communication with our clients; we can take into account the wishes of the client and customize the machine for him, change the colour and component parts.